About Us

Hi, I’m Dan, owner and chief contributor here at Curious Cultivations. I want to share my passion for getting fresh herbs and hard-to-find vegetables grown year-round. We take the nerdy approach to growing things indoors and want to take you along for the ride and share our results.

We love growing plants indoors. Our mission is to help bring the joy of indoor gardening to a wider audience as well as help the enthusiast find more advanced techniques to play with.

I started growing indoors as a fluke when I was handed a plant by my girlfriend and was told to “make it bigger”. Being the kind of person that I am, dirt and water seemed boring. I went fully hydro, and while I made at least 90% of the mistakes noobs make, I grew me a plant.

From there I expanded my horizons, realized that growing in soil is decidedly not boring (and frankly, is way less work), and have gotten pretty good at building indoor gardens to maximize yields on specific crops.

Whether you are trying to get that indoor garden going, trying to lose the “black thumb”, or want your restaurant to have the freshest produce grown on-site, we’re here to help you get the most out of your indoor garden.

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