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Mason Jar Kratky

Hydro? In a mason jar? It’s more likely than you think…

Our Favorite Germination Trays

Your average germination tray is pretty ubiquitous, and cheap. And yes, you can get ones that are more durable or…

Priming Pepper Seeds

Super-hots are notorious for having long germination periods and long times to maturity. Let’s minimize the pain with a good system: We’ll prime the seeds.

Best Practices for growing indoor chilies

Indoor chilies make a great crop. However, getting the most out of a plant, takes a little planning. Let’s go…

Match an LED to a Driver

It’s easy enough to match an LED to a driver if you follow some simple rules.

LED Strips as Grow Lights

LED strips are cheap and everywhere. And terrible for horticultural lighting.

Treat root rot

Root rot is a bacterial or fungal infection of the plant’s root system. There are many causes, but you’ll find…

Growing Hydroponic Indoor Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes taste better. You can easily grow them all year round indoors with a little know-how.

General Hydroponics in Kratky

Our handy reference on mixing General Hydroponics in Kratky.

Runoff pH: Explaining the Bro Science

The internet is filled with bro science: incompletely explained scientific principles filtered through the haze of quickly posting in forums…

2018 Grower Gift Guide

Got a grower or a gardener on your Christmas list? Our Grower Gift Guide has some ideas on what to get the ‘budding’ grower in this holiday season.

Pesto Recipe

For our first cooking article, I feel a strange compulsion to dictate how this recipe came about, changed my life,…

Cure Your Black Thumb

Do your friends keep giving you plants and saying “Oh, you can’t kill this!”? Yeah. Yeah you can.

Seed Germination In 3 Easy Ways

3 Easy Seed Germination Methods Getting your plants to start out it always the first obstacle. I’ve had my share…

3 Ways to Overwinter Chili Plants

Chili plants don’t do winter… Save them so you can get a head start on the grow season. Learn 3 easy ways to overwinter chili plants.

Growing Cannabis Indoors: The Fast Way In Hydroponics

Growing your first crop with hydroponics A brave choice for your first indoor grow! This is the absolute fastest way…

Massachusetts Cannabis Law

If you live in Mass, and want cannabis, you’re better off growing it right now.

Grow Cannabis Indoors: The Easy Way in Soil

Grow cannabis indoors So you’ve noticed it’s not a great time to grow outside, or growing a massive pot plant…

Grow Cannabis: The quick start guide

So you want to grow cannabis… Good news: Cannabis is a weed and you won’t have to work too hard…

Grow Cannabis Outside: Your First Grow

The easiest grow: Grow cannabis outside Is it between March and June? Great! We can grow cannabis outside (assuming you…

Cloning plants from cuttings

Cloning plants from cuttings for faster grows Cloning plants is easy and works for most larger plants. Chilies, tomatoes, cannabis,…

Water and Nutrients | Indoor Gardening Basics

Water and Nutrients Your plants need to consume water and nutrients to live, and you have your choices

Grow Media | Indoor Gardening Basics

Grow media: What are your plants growing in Grow media physically supports and provides nutrients for your plants. Roughly, the…

Indoor Garden Ventilation | Indoor Gardening Basics

Your plants need air. Make sure you’re giving them enough.

Overview | Indoor gardening Basics

Learn what plants need to grow indoors, and how to provide it effectively

Indoor Grow Area | Indoor Gardening Basics

Setting up your indoor grow area Let’s cover the basics of setting up your indoor grow area. Mostly, you want…

Indoor Chili Growing

Growing chilies indoors is easy and a great way to get a head start on next year’s crop

Indoor Herb Garden Basics and Growing Advice

Anyone can begin growing their indoor herb garden without much fuss. Fresh herbs contain more flavor, look better, and have…

Mixing MaxiBloom

Learn the easiest way to mix the most popular hydroponic fertilizer

Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC or DWC) | Hydroponic Grow Method

Recirculating Deep Water Culture Much like it’s cousin, the bubble bucket, the recirculating deep water culture system (RDWC, better known…

Kratky | Hydroponic Growing Method

The easiest way to grow hydroponically, but beware the pitfalls…

Build Your Bubble Bucket

Now that you’ve chosen the Bubble Bucket Method, it’s time to build and grow.

7 Reasons to Choose the Bubble Bucket (& 3 Not To)

Fast grows and inexpensive setup make this a favorite, but it’s not always the best choice.

The Bubble Bucket | Hydroponic Gardening Methods

The easiest entry into full-blown hydroponics is the Bubble Bucket. The Bubble Bucket is inexpensive, effective, and quick to get…

LIGHTING for Your Indoor Garden | Indoor gardening Basics

Lighting your indoor garden Lighting is a key component for a successful indoor garden. Most tutorials  go into depth on…

Soil | Indoor Gardening Methods

Growing in soil Harking back to the days of when stuff started growing on land, soil is the oldest and…

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