Mason Jar Hydroponics

Mason Jar Kratky

Hydro? In a mason jar? It’s more likely than you think…

4 years ago

Our Favorite Germination Trays

Your average germination tray is pretty ubiquitous, and cheap. And yes, you can get ones that are more durable or…

4 years ago

Priming Pepper Seeds

Super-hots are notorious for having long germination periods and long times to maturity. Let’s minimize the pain with a good system: We’ll prime the seeds.

4 years ago
Root rot

Treat root rot

Root rot is a bacterial or fungal infection of the plant’s root system. There are many causes, but you’ll find…

4 years ago

Runoff pH: Explaining the Bro Science

The internet is filled with bro science: incompletely explained scientific principles filtered through the haze of quickly posting in forums…

5 years ago

2018 Grower Gift Guide

Got a grower or a gardener on your Christmas list? Our Grower Gift Guide has some ideas on what to get the ‘budding’ grower in this holiday season.

5 years ago

Pesto Recipe

For our first cooking article, I feel a strange compulsion to dictate how this recipe came about, changed my life,…
6 years ago