Priming Pepper Seeds

Super-hots are notorious for having long germination periods and long times to maturity. Let’s minimize the pain with a good system: We’ll prime the seeds.

4 years ago
The black thumb strikes again

Cure Your Black Thumb

Do your friends keep giving you plants and saying “Oh, you can’t kill this!”? Yeah. Yeah you can.

5 years ago

Seed Germination In 3 Easy Ways

3 Easy Seed Germination Methods Getting your plants to start out it always the first obstacle. I’ve had my share…

5 years ago

3 Ways to Overwinter Chili Plants

Chili plants don’t do winter… Save them so you can get a head start on the grow season. Learn 3 easy ways to overwinter chili plants.

6 years ago

Cloning plants from cuttings

Cloning plants from cuttings for faster grows Cloning plants is easy and works for most larger plants. Chilies, tomatoes, cannabis,…

6 years ago

Mixing MaxiBloom

Learn the easiest way to mix the most popular hydroponic fertilizer

6 years ago