Indoor gardening services

We help people grow their indoor crops and prevent wasting time and energy on dead ends and poor planning. Let us help you grow your next bounty.

Setup Service

Let us take the guesswork out of the growing experience. We will provide you with material lists, designs, care plans, and as much data as we can get you about what you want to grow. This gives you a system that will work, a feed schedule that fits your crop, and care instructions throughout the life of the plant.

$250 one-time

Remote Grow Assitance

If you want experienced growers watching your crop, our remote grow is the most inexpensive way to get quality help. Using either pictures you send us, or a remote monitoring system, we provide you with daily check-ins on your plants, advice on how to continue, reminders on feed changes, and we’re there when you need us.

$25 /mo + Setup


Want to have it all done for you? Just want the results? Great for people growing medicinal home crops, or restaurants looking to have the freshest tomatoes, herbs, peppers, etc year-round. For this plan you supply the system, and we do everything else. This includes nutrients, testing equipment, water quality testing, etc.

$250+ /mo + Setup

Call us to schedule your consultation

Let us know what you want to grow, how much, and what you have for space, and we will help you design a system to make it a reality.